Creating stakeholder
value in 2020

While trading for six months of the 2020 financial year under varying levels of lockdown restrictions during the Covid‑19 crisis, the group demonstrated its resilience by continuing to create value for stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities.


Shareholders are the group’s principal providers of financial capital.

Diluted headline earnings per share up

13.7% to 754 cents

13.6% 10-year CAGR

Dividend per share 450 cents

15.5% 10-year CAGR

R1.5 billion returned to shareholders in dividends and share buy-backs

Reinvested R591 million in capital expenditure

Total shareholder return*** 22.5% 10-year CAGR

10-year growth in earnings
and dividends


* Pre-IFRS 16  ** Based on HEPS.  *** Based on reinvestment of dividends paid and the closing share price.


Retail and wholesale customers are the group’s primary source of revenue.


39 Clicks stores and

expanded footprint to 743 stores

40 new Clicks pharmacies,

increased network to 585 pharmacies

50% of population now live within 6 km of a Clicks pharmacy

Online store ensured safe, efficient and convenient service for customers during lockdown despite the significantly higher demand

R504 million cashback paid to ClubCard members

New partnerships with Engen and eBucks

Commitment to fair pricing and ensuring prices on essential hygiene products and personal protective equipment were not increased during Covid‑19 pandemic


All permanent and part-time employees across the group.

R3.7 billion paid to employees

R140 million invested in employee training and development

Company-funded healthcare cover available to all employees

Bonuses paid to customer-facing store staff in recognition of their service during the Covid‑19 crisis


Local and international suppliers of products and services, including landlords.

R29 billion paid to suppliers of goods and services, including landlords

70% weighted BEE procurement expenditure, with continued transformation of the supplier base

R69 million invested in enterprise and supplier development programmes

R38 million paid to 65 small enterprise owner-drivers contracted to UPD


Beneficiaries of social investment in the communities in which the group operates.

R19 million invested in socio-economic development projects aligned to the group’s focus on health and well-being

112 bursaries awarded to pharmacy students in 2020

Free clinic services for customers with no medical cover extended to five days a week at the start of the Covid‑19 lockdown

10 000 flu vaccines donated to the Department of Health for frontline public healthcare workers